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DJ Thaifoon, aka Jeera Lert, was born a fat baby one summer day in Chicago. After learning how to walk, talk and use a potty, he began classical violin training with Suzuki teachers. With the kick-ass perfect pitch he developed in his music studies, he could not only sing the theme songs to Spectreman, Knight Rider and the Honeybee song (for you G.L.O.W. fans out there) but he frequently won local music competitions and played in the Chicago Youth Symphony as well.

Alas, as a teen, his adolescent psyche took over and he quit the violin as an act of rebellion. With Metallica posters on his wall, he taught himself how to play the electric guitar and grew out a very long mullet just like everyone else in the '80s. Any photographic evidence of this has been destroyed.

In 1991, as a hard-partying college kid, he got the chance to play with some turntables and was promptly hooked. After scrimping, saving, and resisting the urge to become the skinniest male stripper ever, he finally purchased his own equipment in the winter of 1992.

He started out spinning at house parties and student organization events then joined a mobile DJ crew that threw parties at local venues. Wanting a change, he relocated to San Francisco in 2000 and has since guest-DJed at such clubs as 1015 Folsom, Glas Kat and 550 Barnevald. He has even spun in Bangkok, Thailand, at Q-Bar and other such places in the RCA party district.


Jeera's music collection represents his passion for all kinds of electronic music. His early influences included Chicago house DJ legends Bad Boy Bill and Julian Perez. He expanded his repertoire and collection to include freestyle, techno, hiphop, new wave, trance and turntablism.

With 30+ years of music background flowing through his veins, Jeera has developed a keen sense of dynamics for his mixes. He takes pride in extended mixes resulting in smooth seamless transitions as well as taking his listeners on a journey, sweeping their emotions and feelings along for a ride full of peaks and valleys.